【Headline】The First Direct Frieght BloackTrain from Hunan to Europe Start to Run Formally


Along with a siren hoots, two international freight train fully loaded with featured products of chinaware, tea etc. in Hunan, Setting out from Changsha XiaNing railway crossing, respectively bear in with Duisburg, German and Tashkent Uzbekistan, it is a sign that the first direct Europe freight train——Hsiang-Europe international freight train start to run formally.

It is reported that the first running of Hsiang-Europe international freight train adopt South-North two-line operation, the north line departed from Manzhouli, approach Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Porland, arrive Duisburg, German, whole journey 11,905 kms, transtime 16-18 days; South line departed the country from Alashankou, approach Kazakhstan, arrive Tashkent Uzbekistan, whole journey 6,476kms, transtime 11 days. The first operation of North line is container freight, the south is whole train freight. Relative person in charge of Guangzhou Railway Group recommended, comparing to other transportation modes, Hsiang-Europe freight train has great efficiency and reasonable price, it saves 70% fund compares to the air freight from Changsha to Duisburg, and saves 40 days compares to the sea freight.

Changsha custom director says, Hunan Custom will under the precondition of making sure the effective suprevision, moderately reduce the inspection proportion of export goods, to realize that transaction of inspection within 8 hourse when the cargo arrive at supervision administration. At the same time, it also will strengthen the cooperation with the exit port customs of Urumchi, Hohhot and Manzouli etc., with regard to goods of the Hsiang-Europe international freight train realizing “declaration, inspection, release at a time .”

“The north line of the Hsiang-Europe international freight train is the longest Chinese freight railway route which passed by Russia, Sino-Russian have more developments on trade by virtue of this block train, ” the president of Russia Railway Far East Road&Bridge Co., Ltd Thomas Carchael says, “for the clients, the Hsiang-Europe international freight train is a new choice bewteen air freight and sea freight, it will improve the tranport efficiency, and reduce the transport costs.”

EU, Russia and some Eastern European Countires has great complementarity with Hunan industrial structure, value of trade more than 4 billion USD every year, EU retaining Hunan number one trade partern position for year running.