The first month of Xiangjiang River Changsha integrated hub storage: 2000-ton cargo ship can sail smoothly at ChangZhuTan


    November of year 2015 is the first month of Xiangjiang river Changsha integrated hub for storage water, the daily average water level of Xiangjiang River in Changsha integrated hub comprehensive water reached 29.82 meters (Wusong elevation), it is 1.81 meters higher then water daily average level in November of 2012, it brought gospel of supply water, shipping and production , port cargo throughput in ChangZhuTan three cities.

    According to statistics, during this November, the lowest water level was 28.97 meters which appeared at 8:00 on 18th; the highest water level was 31.19 meters which appeared at 8:00 on 4th Nov., daily water level of Changsha section is 29.82 meters. Compared with November 2012, the lowest water level, the highest water level, the average water level separately were 2.29 meters , 2.07 meters, and 1.81 meters high. After comprehensive water navigation hub are conducive for three cities urban ‘s water supply during Xiangjiang dry season and could improved shipping constraints, more than 2000-ton cargo ship can sail smoothly with fully loaded in ChangZhuTan navigate waterways. Changsha Newport leader person introduced that along with a comprehensive storage hub, this port handling 110,000 TEU containers are sure of success, is trying to sprint 120,000 TEUs.