The state Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announcement on promoting paperless inspection


To further improve the inspection and quarantine supervision and services, improve the efficiency of port traffic, promote trade facilitation, AQSIQ decide to promote paperless inspection work. The announcement follows:

一、Paperless Inspection

Paperless inspection is defined according to corporate credit situations and risk analysis of goods, companies can submit inspection form and accompanying documents electronic data through inspection and quarantine electronic business platform and paper simplify with inspection documents.

二、Scope of Implement

Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine credit B grade and above businesses, including import and export goods consignor and consignee, agency inspection enterprises

三、The way of Implement

(一)     Simplify inspection documents

Documents are kept well. Contracts, invoices, bills of lading, packing lists and other business documents, filing saved by the enterprises themselves, submit electronic data inspection, from submission of paper documents.

Put on record of documents. Multiple use of accompanying documents Declaration of Conformity, third-party test reports, processing trade contracts, etc., for the first time when the inspection and quarantine agencies to submit for the record, again within the documents submitted during the inspection period.

Information check .Through the information system of verification of the license / registration documents, quality inspection certificates of bilateral cooperation under the paperless, simply declare the name and number of documents during the inspection.

(二)     Inspection of electric documents

Inspection form and accompanying documents submitted electronic data, when the inspection may be exempted from submission of paper documents

四Implement Requirements

(一)  Companies can choose paperless inspection mode. Select paperless inspection methods, inspection and quarantine authorities shall make a written commitment.

(二)  The electronic data submitted by the enterprise should be true, accurate, and legal liability

(三)  The enterprise should establish a sound, effective and traceable inspection records management system.

(四)  Inspection agency enterprises choose paperless inspection, the principal and the principal should be in line with paperless inspection requirements.

(五)  The inspection and quarantine agencies need to review a paper document or access to inspection files, enterprises should actively cooperate.

(六)  Involving agencies foreign official certificate, but did not realize the import and export of goods online verification of information, they will not implement paperless inspection.

This announcement executed since January 1th in 2014