Western Union Annual Meeting of 2016: Make a Wish


1.0 Preface
Farewell to the old year in fireworks.Staff in Western Union, who works hard in the past year, gets together at the moment in order to pay a New Year's call, full of gratitude and expectation.
2.0 Oath of Office for Core Managers
In 2016, there are four core managers in Western Union, as below:
2.1 Business Vice President: Peng Longguo;
2.2 General Manager Assistant: Wu Jing;
2.3 Barge & Vessel Operation Department: Zhou Feng;
2.4 Vessel Opeartion Department: Liu Junqing.
3.0 Congratulations for 2015 Work
"Good Thumb" Excellent Staff, Excellent Manager, and "Tip-Top" Team are addressed to outstanding staff representives;gratutide is addressed to all family members in Western Union.
4.0 New Year Call from Cute Children
Children from staff families give us a surprisingly New Year visit, bringing a new spring in New Year. In their tender and childish voice, we can hear that,"My mother/father is one of Western Union".
Online video site: http://v.qq.com/boke/page/e/0/3/e0183zt7tc3.html
5.0 Oration from Managers
Mr Yi Jianghe, the chairman of Western Union, addresses to all staff.Mr Yi Jianghe reviews achievements and efforts we've made in the past year.
Mr Yi feels that a company is like a boat in the ocean. Cohesion, team work, and perserverance are highly required to keep the right sailing direction, and to conquer storms and terrifying waves. 
Compared with rivals, more chanllenges there are, stronger we've been becoming,with a bolder heart,faster response, better communication and service.
We appreciate support and trust from clients and peers; we appreciate flagellation from rivals; we appreciate accountability and devotion of each staff in Western Union; we appreciate understanding and support from each family.
In 2016, let us fly with our dreams.
6.0 Lucky Draw
We appreciate you coming along with luck and shares.
7.0 Coda
Make a wish, may you laugh, may your dreams come true, and may Western Union walk with you all the time!