Road and Rail Freight Services

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Founded in December 2004, Changsha Bainian Freight Co., Ltd. is one of the companies affiliated to Westernunion Logistics. It possesses more than 20 container trucks and van trucks of various types, which are mainly used for land transport and can further fulfill customers’ demands for logistics.

The service scope mainly covers:
1. Local goods pickup and delivery service
2. Port-city FCL & LCL transport and air freight service
3.Cross-boundary Motor Vehicle Transportation Service
Westernunion Logistics provides various customers with point-to-point domestic road freight and air freight services between over 200 cities and regions as well as value-added logistics services. Also, it can transport domestic goods to Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Korea, Middle Asia, North Europe and West Europe in a secured, rapid and accurate way via Alataw Pass, Manzhouli and other land ports.